When Cuckoo receives an analysis request, you’ll see something like this:

[2011-12-18 18:20:16,242] [Core.Dispatcher] INFO: Acquired analysis task for target "/tmp/malware.exe".
[2011-12-18 18:20:16,424] (Task #1) [Core.Analysis.Run] INFO: Acquired virtual machine "cuckoo1".
[2011-12-18 18:20:17,005] [VirtualMachine.Restore] INFO: Virtual machine "Cuckoo1" successfully restored to current snapshot.
[2011-12-18 18:20:19,779] [VirtualMachine.Start] INFO: Virtual machine "Cuckoo1" starting in "gui" mode.
[2011-12-18 18:20:24,429] [VirtualMachine.Execute] INFO: Cuckoo analyzer running with PID 1732 on virtual machine "Cuckoo1".
[2011-12-18 18:20:54,871] [VirtualMachine.Execute] INFO: Cuckoo analyzer exited with code 0 on virtual machine "Cuckoo1".
[2011-12-18 18:20:54,878] (Task #1) [Core.Analysis.SaveResults] INFO: Analysis results successfully saved to "analysis/1".
[2011-12-18 18:20:55,124] (Task #1) [Core.Analysis.Processing] INFO: Analysis results processor started with PID "8571".
[2011-12-18 18:20:56,307] [VirtualMachine.Stop] INFO: Virtual machine "Cuckoo1" powered off successfully.
[2011-12-18 18:20:56,308] (Task #1) [Core.Analysis.FreeVM] INFO: Virtual machine "cuckoo1" released.
[2011-12-18 18:20:56,309] (Task #1) [Core.Analysis.Run] INFO: Analyis completed.

Let’s get through what happened.

At line 1 Cuckoo’s tasks dispatcher acquired a new submission for the target /tmp/malware.exe. At line 2 it acquired the free virtual machine cuckoo1. At line 3 Cuckoo restored the virtual machine to current snapshot and at line 4 it started it in graphical mode.

In the meanwhile it prepared all required files and configurations for the analysis.

At line 5 Cuckoo analyzer component started inside the virtualized Windows environment with process ID 1732. At line 6, after the 60 seconds of the specified timeout, the analyzer terminates its execution and exits. At line 7 the analysis results are stored to analysis/1/ and this same path is specified to the processor script which is invoked at line 8 with process ID 8571. At line 9 the virtual machine is successfully powered off and released at line 10. At line 11 finally Cuckoo considers the analysis as completed.

At this point you should have complete analysis results into analysis/1/ and, depending on the options you enabled in reporting.conf (Configuration), some automatically generated reports at analysis/1/reports/.