Final Remarks

Join the discussion

You can get in contact with Cuckoo’s developers and users through the official mailing list kindly provided by The Honeynet Project or through IRC on the official #cuckoobox channel.


We often get contacted by people willing to contribute. Most of the times they consist of unexperiences users. Other times they never end what they started or promised.

There are a lot of ways to contribute to an open source project, not only developing it but also donating or sponsoring hardware for testing, reporting bug or suggesting new features to improve software, donating money to fund costs like hosting, or simply publishing Cuckoo around the web. Any kind of help is really appreciated and help Cuckoo project.

Cuckoo is a simple but still somewhat complex software, therefore we are very careful on who and how can contribute actively developing the software. This doesn’t mean that we don’t accept any, but before coming to us please make sure that you are seriously committed into contributing and that you have the required knowledge and experience using Cuckoo and understanding how it works.

The best way to get involved is to Join the discussion and start writing code by your own: patches, new modules, new analysis packages. Reflect on what you believe Cuckoo lacks on and do it.


Cuckoo is software released freely to the public and developed during spare time by volunteers only. If you enjoy it and want to see it kept on being developed and maintained, please consider making a donation.

We receive small donations through Flattr.

If you want to make a larger donation or provide a different form of support (such as hardware, connectivity, hosting, anything) you can contact us at donations at cuckoobox dot org.


Cuckoo Sandbox is an open source project result of the efforts and contributions of a lot of people who enjoyed volunteering some of their time for a greater good :).


Name Role Contact
Claudio “nex” Guarnieri Lead Developer nex at cuckoobox dot org
Dario Fernandes Developer dario at cuckoobox dot org
Alessandro “jekil” Tanasi Developer alessandro at tanasi dot it


  • Ryan Sommers (contributed with the concept of the DLL analysis package)


  • Felix Leder (for mentoring and believing in the project in the first place)
  • Kjell Christian Nilsen (for providing valuable feedback and several feature suggestions)
  • Mark Schloesser and Angelo dell’Aera (for helping on Python matters :P)
  • Georg Wicherski (for supporting the project and giving it a home at first place)
  • Carsten Willems (for the precious suggestions provided)
  • The Honeynet Project (for supporting the project)
  • The Shadowserver Foundation (for supporting the project)
  • Everyone using Cuckoo (for giving a sense to all of this)