Frequently Asked Questions:

Usage questions

How to start an analysis?

You can simply start an analysis via command-line utility submit.py. Check Submit an analysis.

How to change Cuckoo default behaviour?

Depending on what you mean, you can edit Cuckoo’s configuration files (see Configuration) or work on the analysis packages (see Analysis Packages).

General questions

Can I redistribute Cuckoo Sandbox?

Yes, you can. Cuckoo Sandbox is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3. See License.

Can I include Cuckoo Sandbox in my closed source commercial product?

Generally no, you can’t. Cuckoo Sandbox is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3. See License.

I want to help Cuckoo, what can I do?

Your help is very appreciated, you can help Cuckoo Sandbox in several ways, from coding to send bug reports. See Final Remarks.

I want to help but I don’t have time

There are many ways to help Cuckoo: coding, testing, reporting bugs, donating money or hardware, reviewing code and documentation or submitting feature requests or feedback. Just do whatever you feel could help the project with your possibilities.


After upgrade Cuckoo stops to work

Probably Cuckoo was upgraded in a wrong way. You cannot simply overwrite old Cuckoo release files with the new one.

Please follow the upgrade steps described in Upgrade from a previous release.

Cuckoo exits with error code 2 and no report is generated

When Cuckoo’s analyzer exits with error code 2 and in the analysis results folder there is no report and no analysis.log file, it most likely means that you made some mistake while configuring your shared folders. Check your configuration and if necessary repeat the steps explained at Shared Folders.

If the problem persists, try to reinstall VirtualBox’s Guest Additions.

The analysis keeps failing and I can’t figure out the reason

The best way to troubleshoot any issue happening inside the virtual machine is to replicate the command that Cuckoo launches inside the Guest.

To do so copy the files from the analysis results folder to the shared folder of your virtual machine, launch the virtual machine manually and from a cmd execute:

cd C:\Python27
python.exe \\VBOXSVR\setup\analyzer.py \\VBOXSVR\cuckoo1\

In this way you’ll be able to see the output from the analyzer’s execution and understand what’s going wrong.